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Hire price (includes tripod, veil, cradle, mattress, mattress protector):

1-3 days
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When a little baby is born, it has for nine months been used to the swaying movements from the mother.
These movements have soothed the baby, stimulated its senses and given it optimal conditions for intellectual growth. After birth, the soft and slow rhythm of the swaying has been programmed into its cells as being safe and comforting. The desire for the swaying rhythm never leaves us. We cradle the baby in our arms and we carry it in a sling. It falls asleep to the movements of the pram or the car and later the swing in the park takes them all the way to the sky. When we grow up, it is still part of life as we listen or dance to music, or as we enjoy watching the waves reach the beach. To sway is to feel secure and alive.

The baby’s safety is a priority. The fabric and the mattress are made of allergy tested cotton and are machine washable at 60 degrees Celsius. The oval shape has no sharp edges and the fabric is soft to the touch.

Parents have the option of purchasing their own custom-fit linen and mattress protector from us or we can supply a set of each.


  • L83cm x W50cm x H30cm


Why not buy your own brand new Leander linen set and/or mattress protector to keep:

 Leander Sheet Sets  Leander Mattress Protector
 SALE $39.95 SALE $39.95

Package Deal Discount:

  • Add any baby capsule to your hire and get 10% off your entire order

The simple answer is YES. The link between SIDS and mattresses is no longer an issue parents need to be concerned with and that is why we can safely hire out beds. Please have a look at this article with links to SIDS and Kids:

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