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The design has been proven to help babies sleep. Key words and music to the ears of new parents we’re sure.

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By taking centuries-old techniques and combining that with modern design, the Miyo Baby Hammock mimics the environment of the womb to help the baby feel safe, relaxed and so able to fall asleep.

Features of the Miyo include:

  • Natural womb-like environment designed specifically for night and day sleeping
  • Suitable from birth – 6-9 months (till baby can sit up or kneel its time to move into a cot)
  • Teaches babies to self-soothe and establish good sleeping patterns
  • Gets baby to sleep in record time:
  • Over one third of babies sleep through the night by 6 weeks old 1
  • 4 out of five babies sleep through by 4 months old 2
  • Over 95% of babies asleep within 10 minutes 3
  • Relieves symptoms of colic and reflux
  • Spine held in a neutral position with the weight evenly distributed 4
  • Prevents flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly)
  • Keeps your baby in the correct position as recommended for SIDS prevention
  • Helps stimulate memory and brain development
  • One of most compact and lightweight travel cots available – only 3kg
  • The Miyo is internationaly safety tested, easy to use and it does exactly what you need it to do – to settle and calm your baby – helping them to “sleep like a baby”

All the fabrics are made of 100% cotton. The mattress outer is made of wool. Inside the mattress it is a synthetic polyfill, which has been selected as it is soft, does not compact, it is easy to wash and dry and is aerated so is breathable for your baby.

1 + 2 + 3 Survey from 2008 of 63 parents using Miyo Baby Hammock for up to a year.
4 Dr Keith Hammond, DC

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3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months