Nuna Pipa Extra Base for Hire Sydney


If your family has more than one vehicle why not hire an extra base for your capsule? With an extra base, you can use your capsule in another car. Extra bases also come with free professional installation – great for the second family car or Grandma’s car.

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Hire Price:

Extra base 3 months hire Extra base 6 months hire
$75 $99

If you have a second vehicle, then this is a great option! Hire a Nuna Pipa Extra Base so that when you switch from one car to the other, there is a base already waiting in the other vehicle for you. No need to uninstall, move to the other car then attempt to reinstall.

The Nuna Pipa additional base comes with all the great features of the Nuna Pipa capsule including:
  1. Spirit Level for easy recline correction
  2. Adjustable base for accurate install
  3. Built in Gated Buckle System for a tight and secure seat belt fit.
  4. Streamline design baseĀ for compact fit in your car.

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3 months, 6 months