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The Stokke Sleepi bed’s distinctive narrow oval shape creates a nest-like environment that is soft, safe, cosy and curvaceous. A secure, practical, enclosed area where your child’s rich and unique fantasy life will know no limits.

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1-3 days
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4-7 days 8-14 days 15-30 days 4 months 6 months
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With adjustable height positions it can accomodate the changing needs of your child while still maintaining a comforting familiarity. And the wheels mean that you can move your baby around the house with ease, keeping you close, even during those daytime naps.

Sleepi’s Iconic Scandinavian design creates a small footprint in your nursery. Sleepi is constructed of 100% solid cultivated beech wood, a material known for its strength and stability. Sleepi’s unique oval design increases airflow through the crib, creating a safe cocoon for baby. All varnishes are non-toxic and safe for baby. Rod design is for air circulation and there is a safe distance between the rods.

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3 days, 7 days, 14 days

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