Our 10 Favorite Things about Newborn Babies

If you’re fortunate enough to be sitting with a brand new baby nestled on your chest right now, congratulations! There are so many incredible things about newborn babies, including that moment that you actually get to see their little faces for the first time and not just a baby is born, but a mother, a father, grandparents, aunties and uncles…. A whole new family is born on that special day.

Its hard to whittle the list down and keep to just 10 but we’ve listed our 10 favorite things about newbies.

Their smell

Oh gosh, is there a better smell in the world? Why hasn’t someone bottled it? Their smell makes you fall instantly in love with them.

Sleeping newborn

Their little nails

Is it just me or do they look like tiny little perfect seashells?

Their bums

Yes they’re busy bums who are ah, used a lot, but gee whizz they’re cute as. Often wrinkly, sometimes oddly saggy but always round and kissable. Tiny bums, enough said.

Rolls and wrinkles

Some babies are born looking like grandbabies – wrinkly like little old people. And those rolls, on their wrists, behind their necks, on their thighs. So hard to resist having a little pinch of that fat!

They’ll sleep on you

It doesn’t get much better than having a newborn baby sound asleep on your chest.

Rosebud lips and perfectly pink gums

I love newborns lips, so perfect and pink and I love that they are born without a single tooth. There’s something so endearing seeing their little gums.

Baby clothes

Oh gosh its hard not to go overboard, particularly when they grow so quickly. But oh the little things you can buy, coloured vests, wincy jeans, the tiniest sneakers, silly hats. And baby doesn’t mind at all what they’re wearing. This doesn’t last long – toddlers are a different kettle of fish – so enjoy dressing your baby while you can.

That moment your partner becomes a parent

Its just wonderful watching the person you love then falling in love with the person you created together.

So much ahead of them

I used to love watching my daughter sleeping in her cot, so peaceful with not a worry in the world and her whole life of opportunity awaiting her.

They just love you completely

Completely, unconditionally, like no one else has loved you before. You are their entire world and in fact, up till about 6 months of age, babies don’t even understand the concept of individuals. Your baby still thinks he and you are one person! She can remember your voice from when he was in your tummy and she loves the smell of you.