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Here’s some facts for you:

Fact #1: An unrestrained child sitting in the rear seat of a vehicle can hit the driver with force equivalent to the weight of a baby elephant in the event of an accident.

Fact #2: A report by the RACV revealed that a child under 4 years old, if unrestrained, would be 10 times more likely to be killed in a car accident than if in a correctly fitted child restraint.

Fact 3: In a 60 km/h collision, a 15kg child (average weight of a 3 year old) produces a force of 550kg (the weight of 22 bags of cement) in only 3/100’s of a second.

Fact 4: Surveys that have been carried out by Kidsafe (6000 restraints checked over 3 years) have found that some 69% of all child restraints inspected were found to be incorrectly fitted and some 25% would have put the child at risk of death or serious injury in an accident.

Car seats and baby capsules installed by Professionals

Child restraint installation can be a difficult job for parents. That’s why every member of our staff is also an Accredited Child Restraint Technician. All our team are nationally accredited under the Australian Qualification Framework to install, inspect and adjust child car seats, anchor points, provide advice on placement of seats and give parents advice on the correct use their capsule or child car seat once it has been professionally installed.

It is highly reccomended to use an accredited restraint fitter to install your child car seat. Apart from the obvious danger that comes with the possibility of a collision causing serious injury or worse, fines and demerit points do apply to drivers who fail to ensure all passengers are appropriately restrained in their vehicle.

If you just require a check up of a restraint you have installed yourself we are very happy to do this free of charge at any of our locations.

As part of our Professional Restraint Fitting Program we offer the following services:

  • Free inspections of your own installed restraint (if you’re not sure you’ve got it right)
  • Installation of carseats, baby capsules, booster seats and additional base units for capsules
  • Advice on car seat placement, configuration of two, three or more seats;
  • Installation of additional child restraint anchor points (where the threaded hole is already present. If not unfortunately you’ll need an engineer – just ask for a referral);
  • Car seat safety checks; and
  • Sales of accessories such as extension straps, adjustable tethers, gated buckles, locking clips and LOCKIE devices.

Installation of your own restraint (any kind) is just $50 including any required accessories. We will install the seat for you, explain how to use it safely and adjust it where and when necessary and we will provide you with an Installation Certificate to keep which certifies your carseat or capsule has been correctly installed by a professional. We are fully insured to complete this kind of work and we have worked in this space for over a decade, installing hundreds of seats every year.

If you are a Rockabye Rewards Member you can use your voucher for a free installation – just ask when you make your booking.

Don’t risk your child’s safety

Research has shown that approved and properly fitted child restraints can reduce the risk of death or serious injury in road crashes by up to 70%!

It’s vitally important to have all child restraints fitted by a trained professional.

We offer our services at our premises in Kirrawee and Waterloo Monday-Friday for $50 for an install (includes parts) or we can come to you – Just as for a quote for a mobile installation.

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