Restraint Fittings

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Professional Restraint Fitting and Carseat Safety Service

Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire offer an accredited restraint fitting and carseat safety service. Every member of staff is an Accredited Restraint Fitters trained by the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative. You can click through via the link provided to review our credentials. Whoever you see or speak to will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns you have and all our staff are fully qualified to install your infant restraint.

What do we offer

  • FREE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION of all hired carseats, capsules and boosters.
  • MOBILE INSTALLATION SERVICE – we can come to you.
  • If you have your own seat that requires installation we can do that for you at our premises for just $40. If you prefer a home visit just ask for a quote.

Qualified Staff

Our fitters are professionally trained and accredited by organisations including ACRI and Mobility Engineering and we can offer a service that ensures that all baby car restraints are fitted correctly, including taking the time to ensure that you understand how to use your child restraint correctly once we depart.

We have been trained to:

  • INSPECT AND ADJUST carseats to ensure they have been correctly installed
  • INSTALL additional anchor points in your vehicle
  • FIT seats that require 2, 3 or more restraints in one vehicle.
  • PREPARE you to manage your restraint once we have left by providing useage lessons and copies of manuals.

Yours or Ours

Whether we install your own infant car restraint or you choose to hire from our extensive fleet, we are qualified and able to provide the highest quality installation service.

Who can fit your carseat?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a professional installation and obtain a ‘certificate’ to leave hospital with your newborn nor is there any Australian law that requires you to have your seat professionally installed by an accredited fitter.

Legislation does require all carseats to be fitted properly – but you are entitled to fit your own.

However considering the cargo you are protecting, it is worth the very small fee to have a trained technician install your restraint correctly.

Just call Danni on 1300 859 775 to book your fitting.