Our 10 Best Gender Reveal Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a Gender Reveal Party or you just want a cute way to tell family and friends that you are having a baby boy or girl, we’ve got our top 10 gender revealing ideas to help you make the big announcement.

Ballooon reveal
  1. Coloured Cakes
    Who doesn’t like cake? By adding pink or blue food coloring to a white cake mix and covering the cake completely with frosting, you have a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender. Make sure you ice the cake completely so that no colour peeks through and spoils the surprise.
  2. Gender Reveal Balloons In A Box
    In the world of gender reveal parties, helium balloons in a box may be gaining on cake and cupcakes as the hottest gender announcement trend around! All you need is large packing box and the assistance of your local party supplier to fill the box with blue or pink coloured helium balloons then you open the box and let the reveal happen.
  3. The Envelope, Please…
    If you can handle the anticipation, have your ultrasound technician or OB write your baby’s gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Open the envelope in front of your guests, or let an honored guest (mother in law perhaps???) open it and announce what you’re expecting.
  4. Confetti Push Pops
    When it’s time for the big reveal, gather your guests and hand out these poppers available from When it’s time for the big reveal, gather your guests and hand out these poppers. Leave the caps on, and don’t hold back—a big push works best—then watch the blue or pink confetti mix fly! Gender Reveal on Etsy. Leave the caps on, and don’t hold back—a big push works best—then watch the blue or pink confetti mix fly!
  5. Gender Reveal Party Piñata
    Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Announce the gender of your baby with a gender reveal piñata. Most pinatas can be purchased empty from Spotlight or party supply stores, just pack yours with pink or blue confetti, lollies, glitter or whatever takes your fancy then have your guests take turns trying to crack it open.
  6. Pop goes the News!
    Buy a balloon for every person at the gender reveal. Before you blow them up, put some pink or blue confetti inside each balloon. Hand everybody a balloon and a pin. Count to three and have everyone pop their balloon. The confetti will scatter and everyone will know if it’s a boy or a girl.
  7. Siblings say it best
    A no-fuss, no mess way of doing your gender reveal that can involve your other child(ren). This reveal involves having an older child wearing a cute tee like the one above. They can get changed right before announcement time or you could sneak the tee on at a random time, then let the child roam around until someone notices!
  8. Fur Baby announcement
    For all the pet lovers out there! Would you like to get your pet involved in the act? If you have a cat or dog for example, you can organise for them to come out to the guests at announcement time – wearing something around their neck to announce the gender. It might be a pink or blue ribbon or bow, a dummy tied to a ribbon or anything else you can think of.
  9. Silly String reveal
    There are a couple of ways you can do this, either way you’ll need to cover up the outside of the cans, so no-one picks the colour of the spray. To announce the gender, you can: a) At the announcement time, mum and dad-to-be count to three and spray each other with silly spray in pink or blue; or b) Have a countdown, after which all the guests spray each other with pink or blue silly spray.
  10. Team Pink or Team Blue?
    This can be a fun game or the main event for the party. Pop a bunch of Team Pink and Team Blue badges in a bowl and the guests get to place their bet by wearing one or the other. After the reveal the winning Team the losing team has to clean up! Only kidding.
  11. Gender reveal parties are a fun way to include family and friends in the joy and excitement that comes with a new baby. Feel free to share your own gender reveal party ideas below or your pics on our Facebook page.