10 Movies to watch during Pregnancy

Gone on maternity leave and need something to fill in the afternoons while you wait for your baby to arrive? We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite movies to watch during pregnancy. There’s some funnies, some that’ll bring a tear and lots of happy endings.

  1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting
    With a great cast including Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez, What to Expect When You’re Expecting follows the pregnancy journeys of a group of women who all have very different experiences. From vomiting on TV to accidental pregnancies and adoption this fun film covers it all. It’ll make you laugh and it may also make you cry.
  2. Father of the Bride #2
    For those of you who just loved Father of the Bride, this follow up is for the pregnant you.
    All of your favourite characters return in this hilarious Steve Martin comedy. This film follows George as he prepares to become a father for the third time later in life, and at the same time he’s getting ready to become a grandfather for the first time. This is a heart-warming film that focuses on family, fatherhood and the ups and downs of pregnancy. A happy story.
  3. Babies
    This is a documentary that follows 4 babies from different parts of the World (Namibia, Japan, Mongolia and California) during their first year of life. Apart from all being super-cute it shows that no matter the location or culture, babies are babies.
  4. Riding in Cars with Boys
    Drew Barrymore plays the role of a highschool student who falls pregnant unexpectedly. Not your obviously feel-good pregnancy film, this movie features lost dreams, drug problems, and marriage breakdown, but throughout shows the strong bond between Barrymore and her son. This film is funny, emotional, devastating and heart-warming all in one.
  5. Juno
    Not one to watch when your pregnancy hormones are sky rocketing, this film will undoubtedly bring on the tears. Juno, a highschool student facing an unplanned pregnancy, embarks on a search to find the perfect adoptive parents for her unborn child. Keep the tissues nearby.
  6. Three Men and a Baby
    An oldie but a goodie. Three bachelors are living great bachelor lives in New York City when a baby is suddenly dropped off on their doorstep — and it turns out one of them is the father. If you love the idea of seeing grown men make some pretty stupid mistakes while taking care of a baby, you’ll have lots of giggles watching this.
  7. A Happy Event (Un Heureux Evenment)
    Barbara, a beautiful student completing her degree, and Nicolas, a charming clerk in a video store, meet and quickly begin a passionate romance that grows into relationship bliss. They are shocked to discover that Barbara is pregnant one day, and with cautious enthusiasm they await their first child together. But what begins as a life step quickly puts unexpected strains on their relationship, as the young lovers’ lives are turned upside down by raising a baby. (Please note this film is rated R18+).
  8. Baby Mama
    From the super-clever team of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler this is a very funny film. Fey’s professional-woman character decides she wants a baby, man or not, and finds a surrogate in working-class Poehler’s character. The pair goes through many ups and downs, only to find out their arrangement might not work after all. The movie is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, with humor added at just the right moments.
  9. Maybe Baby
    Conceiving a child can be the most unromantic thing, especially when the lovemaking involves fertility rituals, sperm counts, and ovulation charts. This smart and funny British romantic comedy follows one couple’s efforts to become parents with Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) as the OB/GYN you know you’ll be laughing.
  10. The Business Of Being Born
    If you only choose one film on our list to watch, make it this one. The Business of Being Born isn’t a romantic comedy or an 80’s movie, but it’s a brilliant film that all pregnant women should watch. This eye-opening documentary produced by Ricki Lake explores modern experiences of childbirth in the US (which is very similar to Australia and other countries). The film looks at natural childbirth, caesareans, inductions, homebirth, epidurals, doulas and everything in-between.