Baby coming to stay – products for 0-6 months

What do you need for a visiting 0-6 month old?

Ah, Easter. The eggs seem to hit the shelves earlier every year! In the blink of an eye, we’ll be eating fruity buns for brekkie and chocolate before lunch. At no other time in the year are either of these acceptable dietary choices!

If you’re lucky, you might even be having family to stay. And isn’t it wonderful when that family includes a lovely-jubbly baby to coo over? But little ones come with needs and maybe your home isn’t set up for it. Don’t panic! And don’t buy it all! Not when you can hire at a skerrick of the price. Best of all, when your guests leave, collection is just a phone call away, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to store it all – which is more than can be said for those extra Easter kgs! Here’s a list of handy things to have ready for visitors with a 0-6-month bundle of joy in tow:

Sleepi Cot for hire

First and foremost, baby has to sleep somewhere! The Sleepi is one of the most beautiful bedding options available for newborns and babies. It’s easy to set up, the base can be adjusted to avoid sore-baby-picking-up-back and is a luxurious option to provide for your smallest guest.

BEDNEST Co-sleeper and Bassinet

This amazing bassinette is perfect for co-sleeping. It attaches to any bed so bubs can be tended to, quickly and easily. The mesh sides can be positioned up fully, half-folded or fully down to suit the situation. The Bednest can also be used in baby’s own room with both sides up. The stand is included and has over 70 settings, including the ability to tilt to assist babies with reflux.

The Miyo Baby Hammock

When it comes to tiny babies and sleep, the best solution is the one that works for you, and hammocks are increasingly popular for their safety and natural sleep encouraging factors. At only 3kg, the Miyo Baby Hammock is one of the most compact and lightweight hammocks available.

  • mimics a natural, womb-like environment so bubs feels safe and secure
  • gets baby to sleep in record time
  • relieves symptoms of colic and reflux
  • holds spine in a neutral position and distributes weight evenly
  • keeps baby in the correct position as recommended for SIDS prevention
  • helps stimulate memory and brain development
  • internationally safety tested, and easy to use.

Change Table

You really don’t want to end up changing nappies on a bed or the floor unless there’s no alternative. The super-fast set up and easy-clean surface make this a great change table for home or holidays.

  • shelf and lower tray for storage
  • lockable castors
  • easy-clean PVC change top
  • adjustable safety strap
  • sturdy frame
  • compact when folded for easy storage
  • high-quality, lightweight frame.

Maxi Cosi Mico Baby Capsule

New legislation requires all children under seven years of age to be restrained in an appropriate child restraint while travelling in a car. Rock-A-Bye-Baby has a wide range of capsules and car seats from which to choose. They’ll even install them properly, so you can be sure your guests’ baby is safe and sound, and ready to do some serious sight-seeing. The Maxi Cosi Mico infant capsule is suitable from birth to 9kgs.

  • narrow profile and a sleek ergonomic design
  • weighs only 3.9kg, so it’s very easy to carry.
  • comes with a plush insert that keeps baby’s head stable during a car ride
  • can also be fitted to a wide range of prams.

4Moms Origami Power Pram

This is the Rolls-Royce of prams and a great product for parents with a penchant for gadgets. So, what’s it all about? The Origami is the world’s first power-folding pram (the pram folds itself at the touch of a button). It’s also the world’s first iPod-playing, mobile phone-charging, LCD-sporting pram. With a generator in the rear wheels that charges the pram as you walk, the Origami can power speakers, a phone charger, a speedometer, daytime running lights and sensors that detect when a child’s in the seat (so it’ll never fold by accident).

Features include:
  • Push Button Fold – Opens and folds itself at the touch of a button !!!
  • LCD Dashboard – Built-in thermometer, trip, and lifetime odometers
  • Bright Ideas – Daytime running lights make you and your baby more visible all the time
  • Pathway Lights – turn on automatically in low-light conditions
  • Lots of Storage – Strollers need to work in the real world, not just in the store. That means cup holders, storage pockets and a big removable storage bag
Other products you may like to hire for your little visitor include:
  • Bath for baby (nothing wrong with using the laundry sink though….)
  • Electric Steriliser (if bubs is breastfeed boobs don’t need sterilising)
  • Swing for baby to give baby some playtime on holiday too. The Mamaroo is the coolest baby entertainer on the market!!! Such a great product with many music and movement options including Kangaroo; Car Ride and Swing.