Baby’s first Easter!

Easter is just around the corner. If this is your first Easter as a parent, it must be a very exciting time for you! Easter means a lot of different things to different families and each have their own traditions and customs that they do over the Easter period. With having a little one – chocolate is probably not on the top of the list on ways to celebrate the day (give it a few years ? ) There are still plenty of ways to celebrate and include your little one in the Easter celebrations.


Since chocolate is probably not a good idea for an Easter present for a baby, you may need to look at different ideas for gifts. A cute pair of pajamas or a cute onesie is always a good gift idea and one that is also practical. A soft bunny rabbit toy is also a good gift to give to your little one as an Easter present, if you can date the year on the tag of the bunny so that it can be a gift that is remembered each year moving forward. Puzzles, books and toys are always a good gift to give. You do not need to go overboard, it is their first Easter so it will be more about ripping paper off for them anyway.

Enjoy a family outing

The long weekend is a great chance to get out for the day with the family and spend some time outside enjoying the fresh air. There are plenty of places that you can visit including the Easter Show, the Zoo or the beach. You can even organise a picnic with all the family at a local park so that you can all celebrate together.

Ideas for baby's first easter

Family Get together

At some point over Easter you are sure to have a family event (or two) to go to. This is a great way to catch up with all the family, spend some time together laughing and enjoying each others company and giving your baby a chance to socialize with their extended family. Whether it is a lunch, a dinner or just a quick catch up it is definitely worth making the time for it. Everyone will enjoy it and will be a great chance to take photos and make memories.


Easter, like any other holiday is a great excuse to have a photo shoot. You can book in for a specialized Easter photo shoot with a photography company or you can simply put together your own at home to save on costs. Setting up a few soft blankets, adding in bunny ears and a cute little outfit for your child will make for a great scene. If you have more than one child, get them all together and have a few good family photos so that you can print them out and have them hung up around the house. One tip for the school aged kids is to promise them that they can do a silly photo after they sit for a nice photo – works every time!

Weekend Away

If you are lucky enough to have the full 4 days off over Easter, turn it into a mini holiday. You can book to go away for a few days and create lots of memories. If you are staying in a hotel make sure you check ahead of time if they have the equipment you need for bubs; cot, pram, highchair etc and if they do not you can either take these items with you or organise to hire them and have them delivered straight to the hotel.

With this being your little ones first Easter, you do not need to go over the top. They probably will not remember it and the most important thing is that you all enjoy the holiday. Take lots of photos, spend time with those who matter to you and make sure that you have fun. There is no point stressing about the Easter period and creating unnecessary stress that will then in turn make you not enjoy the time off.

Happy Easter!