How to find the anchor points in your car

We have many calls and emails a week with people having trouble trying to find the child restraint anchor points in their car. Sometimes even we have trouble finding them when we go to do installations as there’s a fairly variable range of position, type, material and location in different cars.

Location of Anchorage Points

Depending on the date your car was built your vehicle may or may not have anchor points already present and ready for use. It is important to note that in the rear of cars the luggage points are not confused for anchor points. This is something we see often with seats installed by well meaning relatives or friends. Unfortunately the luggage tie down points are just that – for luggage – and in an accident are not built to withstand the huge force that will be brought on it meaning the seat may not stay restrained in the car and the passenger could suffer serious injury or worse.

Where to find child restraint anchorage points in your car

Child restraint anchor points can generally be found in the following locations:
  • In sedans – on the rear parcel shelf
  • In hatchbacks – below the tailgate in the beaver panel/on the floor or in rear of rear seat.
  • In station wagons – in the roof, on the floor or in the rear of the rear seat.
  • In 4WDs – in the roof, on the floor or in the rear of the rear seat.

Sometimes you will have to actually drop the backrest of the seat forward to locate the points. If you have your car manual that will often give you the location of the restraint points to clear up any confusion between what they are and what are luggage tie down points.

Which cars have anchorage points?

Anchorage points are required to be in vehicles in accordance with the AUSTALIAN DESIGN RULE 34 (ADR34)

  • Passenger Cars from 1st July 1976
  • Station Wagons and Hatch Backs from 1st January 1977
  • Vans up to 9 Adults from 1st January 1986
  • Vans up to 12 Adults from 1st January 1987
  • 4 Wheel Drives from 1st July 1990

It is important to note that not all vehicles come fitted with an anchorage point. Some vehicles will require modifications to accommodate anchor points, while in some situations it can be illegal to install an anchorage point so it is best to refer to the owner’s manual of the vehicle or contacting the manufacturer before purchasing.

What about Imported Cars?

Imported vehicles require anchorage point to be established in most vehicles, prior to the vehicle being registered.

Dual Cab vehicles

Some Dual Cabs do not have anchorage points. If required, it is possible to fit Anchorage Points to most Dual Cabs.

People Movers and kids

Some vehicles do not cater for the larger families with small children and therefore the vehicle has no 3rd row anchorage points. Again its worth checking prior to purchase.

What do they look like?

Some images of child restraint anchor points are set out below: