Healthy alternatives to Easter Eggs

My children always end up with waaaayyy too much chocolate over Easter with some not even eaten but landing in the bin. When they were littlies we would just store it and throw away (or sneakily eat some at night) and ration it out but as the years have passed and they’ve gotten a bit better at counting that’s not really working out so well.

I’ve scoured the internet and surveyed friends and come up with some healthier alternatives to the traditional chocolate egg this Easter.

  1. Make your own Easter baskets $2 shops have lots and lots of little baskets that are perfect for turning into an Easter gift. Decorate it with some ribbon and pop in some sticker sheets, stationery items or some sugar-free treats.
  2. Fill your own eggs Shops like Spotlight and other craft shops sell empty plastic eggs that you can fill yourself with a gold coin so the recipient can buy themselves a small treat.
  3. Egg shaped playdough Make your own pastel-coloured playdough, shape each colour into an egg shape and wrap in cling wrap and pop them into some easter themed egg cartons.
  4. Make your own Easter Cards There’s loads of little printables available free on the internet. With some crayons or pencils have the kids decorate some Easter cards to send out to friends and family.
  5. Dye or paint your own Easter eggs Food colouring is perfect for dying Easter eggs. Just use 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 20 drops of your food colouring (more if you want a more intense colour) and 1 cup of hot water mixed together.  For a light colour submerge your eggs for 5 mins. For darker colour leave them in for 10-15 mins. Using tongs will avoid you staining your hands and if you want to keep them from year to year to hang around as decorations, just blow out the contents before you paint or dye.

We hope you have a happy, safe and healthy Easter. xxx