How to adjust the shoulder straps in your hire baby capsule

As your baby grows it is important to check and, where necessary, adjust the inbuilt harness in your hire baby seat.

Your capsule would have been provided to you on its lowest (newborn) setting with the shoulder harness on the very bottom option. Week by week, new babies put on weight and grow in length and this will mean that from time to time you will have to move the shoulder straps up a level to ensure your baby enjoys optimum safety in their hire capsule.

Harness straps that are too low for baby’s height or are twisted can be the cause of very serious injury in the event of an accident so ensuring that the shoulder harness straps are flat, firmly fitted and at the right level for your baby is vitally important.

We invite you to view our instructional video that shows how quick and simple it is to adjust the shoulder straps in your baby seat: