How to fall pregnant

It is an exciting moment when you are your partner decide that it is time to start trying for a baby. Bringing a new life into the world is an amazing thing and the feelings that you start to have once you become a parent are ones you never knew were possible. For some people falling pregnant can be very quick and easy and others it may take some time to happen. There is no need to stress if it does not happen the first time you have unprotected sex, there are many factors that can contribute to why you have not fallen pregnant. There are things that you can also do to help to increase your chances of falling pregnant.


Unfortunately you can not just fall pregnant at any time, although how handy would that be! In order to fall pregnant the released egg must be fertilized by the sperm within 24 hours of being released. This means that there is a small window each month in which you can get pregnant. Your egg is typically released around 14 days before the first day of your next period which means that having intercourse a day or so before this and when the egg is being released is the ideal timing.

If you do not have a regular 28 day cycle and are unsure  on when you are ovulating you can track your ovulation in a couple of ways including tracking your temperature, vaginal discharge or by purchasing an ovulation tracking kit.


Your lifestyle can play a part in falling pregnant. It is recommended to try to live a healthy lifestyle whilst trying to fall pregnant. This can include ensuring that you are getting an adequate amount of exercise, eating a healthy diet and not taking part in activities such as binge drinking and illegal drug use.

When choosing your foods for your healthy eating ensure that you are eating goods packed with food nutrients such as leafy greens, good amounts of protein and lots of fresh plant based foods. Try to avoid fatty foods and caffeinated drinks.

Exercising to keep your weight down and your body fit is a good idea however try not to take part in too many strenuous activities. Completing too much strenuous exercise can alter your periods which means that your ovulation dates can change which can then throw off your whole tracking.

Prenatal Vitamins

When you decide that you are going to begin trying for a baby it is a good idea to start starting prenatal vitamins. These vitamins are full of goodness that will not only help you and your body but also help the progression of the pregnancy and health of the fetus once you fall pregnant. When you find out you are pregnant you are normally a few weeks in already which means that there has been time where you did not know you were pregnant, starting the vitamins whilst you are trying means that you have covered the new baby during those first few weeks

Stress Less

As hard as it may sound, it is best to try not too stress too much. You may be stressing about the falling pregnant or stressing about other things in your life at the time. Stress can play a lot of havoc on your mind and your body and too much stress can also lead to reduced periods or your periods becoming irregular. Maintaining a regular period means that you will be able to track your ovulation a lot easier and not be confused about when your ideal window is.

If at any point you think that there may be something wrong or you have been trying to fall pregnant for a while without success, put your mind at ease and visit your doctor. They would be happy to speak with you about what you have tried, complete testing if necessary and provide help and assistance where they can.

Remember as well, just because there is an ideal window, doesn’t mean that you can not ‘practice’ through out the month ?