Rock-A-Bye Baby helping those in need

Just recently we met with some of the Angels who operate the Dandelion Support Network. Dandelion is a grass roots not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who give so much of their time and energy to helping those in need.
The Dandelion volunteers accept donations of good-quality second hand children and baby equipment for families in need. Once donated, if necessary they are repaired and renewed. That could mean anything from replacing a missing button or mending a hem to scrubbing back and restoring a well-loved cot. All our the goods are processed by volunteers who follow strict quality assurance standards so that the goods can be enjoyed by their new owner. Once the items are ready for their new home they are packed up with love ready for a new family.

Dandelion partners with some amazing agencies and support services who work with some of the most vulnerable families in our community. Through their partnership with various agencies and social workers, families who are suffering financial hardship can be identified and their specific needs are understood, so that appropriate, tailored packages can be provided to them.

Rock-A-Bye Baby were very happy to donate a couple of van-loads of items including baby capsules, bassinets, prams, travel systems and other necessary baby equipment. We hope that the donation will ensure more infants are travelling and sleeping safely – basic rights for every child.

If you have unwanted nursery equipment and would like to donate you can click through this link and visit one of Dandelion’s many donation days held in various centres across Sydney: