What is TENS and how can it help me in labour?

Hiring a TENS for your baby’s birth you can achieve an easier, less painful labour.

What is TENS?

TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A TENS machine is generally a battery powered unit that emits little pulses of electrical energy via electrodes or sticky pads that are placed on the skin of the person using the machine.

How will TENS help me manage the pain of childbirth?

TENS works bysending light electrical pulses of electricity into the body through the skin. Your body reacts to the impulses by releasing its own pain killing chemicals (endorphins).

The level of pain relief obtained depends on the individual. Some clients have reported that they required no other pain relief during their labours.

TENS for hire

Unlike many TENS machines, our Obstar Obstetric TENS machine is designed specifically for use in childbirth. Its hugely popular and has a range of easy features:

  • ?All the settings are pre-set, its very simple to use
  • ?In built Boost Button for when you need some extra power in the final segment of your labour
  • ?Your hire TENS comes with 4 brand new in sealed packet electrodes for your use

When should I start my hire?

We recommend you arrange to have the hire TENS machine delivered at least 2 weeks before your baby is set to arrive.

When should I start using my TENS?

We suggest you start using your obstetric TENS unit as early as you can once labour begins, to allow time for your body’s endorphins to rise and counteract the pain.

Where do I place the electrodes?

For effective management of labour pain, place 2 electrodes just below your bra line; the other 2 electrodes should be placed just above the top of your underpants on either side of the spine. See image below.

Can I try it before going into labour?

Yes, you can try it before labour on your forearm to feel the different pulses. See the instruction book included in your hire pack for more details.

Can I combine TENS with other pain relief methods during childbirth?

Yes, you can still use heat packs, massage, gas or pethidine. You can not use TENS if you are in the shower or bath.

How much does it cost?

Our hire TENS machines are just $50 plus $20 P&P. Your hire TENS pack includes:
  • Obstar Obstetric TENS unit
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Set of 4 x 9cm x 4cm electrodes brand new for your use
  • Set of 2 leads (1 for each pair of electrodes)
  • Instruction manual
  • Soft carry case for taking to hospital or birth centre

We also sell brand new Obstar Obstetric TENS units and spare electrode pads, just have a look at our Buy page.

To book your hire unit you can pop one in your hire cart here: https://www.rockabyebabyhire.com.au/shop/tens-machines/

Or just email Danni at info@rockabyebabyhire.com.au or call 02 9589 4942 and we can reserve one for you and send it to you ready for your baby’s birth.