Tips for travelling with kids

Going on a family holiday? It is such an exciting time, being able to make memories with your kids and provide them with a fun few days or weeks away from home right? Well yes, the holiday itself will be exciting however as a parent who is about to go on a long drive with a car full of kids you are probably stressing, dreading and thinking why the earth did I decide to do this. Don’t stress too much, there are ways that you can make the car trip that little bit simpler on everyone.


Before piling everyone into the car, make sure that your car seats and boosters are all properly secured into their spots and are restrained. This is the most important step to ensure that everyone is safe and secure throughout the drive. When stopping for rest breaks, check the buckles before putting the kids back in to make sure that their little hands have not been playing around and unplugged anything.


When going on a road trip there is going to be a lot of packing needing to be done. Not only for the actual holiday but there is also things that you need to have packed and in reach or handy locations in the car for during the trip. Try to pack as much of the car as possible the night before to avoid having to pack the morning of the trip when you have little eager children waiting to leave. Try to pack as minimal as possible, especially if you are going to be spending a few days in the car.


The last thing you want is for the kids to be in the back of the car complaining that they are uncomfortable. This is going to make the trip seem WAY longer! Where possible equip them with little blankets and cushions to help them stay comfortable

Activities and Snacks

Keeping the kids occupied throughout the trip will help save the sanity of everyone in the car. Putting together little activity packs for each child will help to keep them occupied and distracted throughout the drive. Colouring in books, reading books, figurines and dvds will help during the drive. Also don’t forget the snacks! Cut up fruit, biscuits, chips and sandwiches are all foods that are relatively low mess foods that should be okay to snack on whilst driving.

Choosing when to leave

Choosing an ideal time to leave will depend on a few different things including; how far you are needing to drive, the age of your kids and the route in which you are taking. Where possible try to leave either late at night or very early in the morning if you are doing a long drive. This means that you may get a couple of hours of your little ones sleeping and will make the trip seem like it is going a lot quicker.

Travelling with kids does not need to be a stressful affair and with these few little tips you just may make it out alive ?

Happy travelling and if you have any other tips that may help feel free to share them!