Why hire a baby capsule?

Using a baby capsule for your baby can be such a help to new parents and if you’re environmentally conscious, not sure if you want another baby or just want the convenience of having it delivered at your home, installed and picked up at the end, then hiring rather than buying a baby capsule or newborn carseat is the perfect solution.

Baby capsules are not only very safe and comfortable for new babies, but they can also make your life as a new parent much easier too. A short survey of our hire customers tells us that some 30% of our hire customers already have carseat but have realised that having a capsule would make their lives much easier.

Why use a baby capsule?

Baby capsules are suitable for newborn babies until until they are approximately 6 months old. They’re rear-facing which is the safest way for babies to travel in the car and there are a wide range of brands and models to choose from.

Most baby capsules are compatible with a variety of prams, meaning you can attach the capsule to the pram frame creating a travel system that makes being out and about with your baby even easier.

If you choose to hire a capsule instead of buying one outright you’ll reap all the benefits but have the advantage of giving it back when your baby no longer fits in it.

How do baby capsules make life easier?

There are quite a few benefits to using a baby capsule over a carseat and we’ll go over a number of those for you now.

  1. Baby capsules give parents peace of mind
    The safety of a new baby is every parent’s number one priority. All our baby capsule hire customers are provided with free professional installation of their capsule whether we come to you or you come to us.

    Baby capsules are designed to cocoon your baby in the car with high side walls, rear facing installation, a 5 point inbuilt safety harness, head supports and a top tether strap to limit any forward propulsion in an accident.

    Whether you are bringing your baby home for the first time or doing the daily school run for siblings, you’ll feel much more confident knowing that your baby is safe.

  2. You won’t need to wake your sleeping baby
    Believe us when we tell you this – nobody wants to wake a sleeping baby!

    Car trips are renowned for putting babies to sleep (seen that McDonald’s ad???). When you reach your destination and your baby is snoozing happily in their baby capsule, you can simply unclip the capsule from the base and carry them or pop it on your pram, all without waking them!

    Capsules have a curved base so parents have their baby fall asleep in the capsule before going out by rocking them gently and then simply popping the capsule into the car once they have nodded off.

  3. They make transfers to and from the car quick and easy
    As baby capsules are so portable, its easy to bring the capsule into the house and strap your baby in. Then simply carry them out to the car and clip the capsule into the base. This is a huge plus in wet weather – no more getting drenched in the rain while you hurriedly try to strap your baby in!

    Many capsules also have the benefit of rain covers to keep your little one protected from the sun and rain.

    An added benefit of a capsule is how easy it is to use in multiple cars. If you own more than one vehicle, you can hire an additional base and just use the one capsule to move between the two cars.

  4. You can use it in multiple cars!
    If you own more than one vehicle, or you would like a grandparent or carer to also be able to transport your baby you can simply hire an additional base and just use the one capsule to move between the two cars.

  5. Our quality control is second to none
    Before any item is hired from any of our warehouses we conduct a strict quality and safety check on every single piece of equipment.
    When baby capsules are returned before they are cleaned, one of our accredited child restraint fitters examines both the capsule and base individually for any signs of damage from an accident or otherwise and whether there is any wear and tear that can impact the safety of the product. Any capsule with any recognised issue at all is destroyed on the spot by having the harness cut off completely with scissors and the frame discarded.
    All of our hire items are carefully cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions and care is taken not to use astringent or allergenic cleaning products. Capsules, carseats and boosters etc are stripped off all fabrics and accessories on return, inspected by a restraint fitter as described above and all parts are hot washed, sun dried and put back together by an accredited restraint fitter to ensure the integrity of the restraint.
  6. We are COVID-Safe
    We have completed the NSW Department of Health Infection Control Training – COVID-19 and we have increased our hygiene practices in accordance with government health recommendations.

    All our staff have medical grade masks which we can wear on request and all staff use hand sanitiser before and after contact with any customer or product.

  7. Hire items are quarantined for 7 days between hires before being thoroughly cleaned and safety checked.

    During COVID we can offer contactless delivery and pick up keeping you and your family safe.

    If you’re away from home and hiring a car in Sydney or Wollongong, we can deliver your hire baby capsule (and pram, cot and steriliser!) to the hire car before you arrive and pick up from the hire car once you have departed.

    Hiring a baby capsule is handy, cost-effective and means you get the great benefits of using a capsule without laying out the full cost for one and with free professional installation included you’re saving even more!