Hooded sleeping bags – a warning

Infant sleeping bags can be a great option for babies as they eliminate the need for any extra bedding and for babies who roll around lots in bed it means they can’t get completely uncovered and cold. Sleeping bags also eliminate the need for lots of bedding which can become a suffocation risk in bed.

However, some baby sleeping bags on the market – particularly but not limited to those sold overseas and on online auction sites – have hoods despite hoods posing a significant safety risk to babies.

Hooded sleeping bags can potentially cover a baby’s face while they sleep, increasing the risk of suffocation significantly.

There are a few important things to look out for when you’re choosing a sleeping bag for your baby:
  • make sure the sleeping bag is the right size and fit for your child;
  • make sure the sleeping bag is the correct weight for the season and the temperature in your child’s room. Thicker higher weight/tog bags should be kept for winter months and the thinner lighter weight/tog bags for warmer seasons and climates;
  • you can always add another layer of clothing under the bag when necessary;
  • ensure that the sleeping bag has a fitted neck (that can’t slip up and over baby’s face), well fitted arm holes and no hood.