10 things you really don’t need for baby

So you’ve just walked into a huge baby stuff emporium for the first time ever and one of the employees hands you a great little checklist that lists everything you’ll need for your new baby.

Don’t believe the hype! A great many items on that list just aren’t necessary and another 25% of it is stuff you’ll only need for a few months so we’d suggest you consider borrowing from a friend or hiring, and save your $ for the more expensive years to come.

Baby Butt Fan - we're not a Fan of the Baby Butt Fan

Baby Butt Fan – we’re not a Fan of the Baby Butt Fan

  1. Wipes warmer
    Really? Really? These little electric heating machines heat the wipes so baby doesn’t get a cold bottom. If you’re doing a change on a cold winter’s night and don’t want to wake the baby up completely with a cold swipe, a warm cloth ran under warm water will be fine.
  2. Shoes for your newborn
    Totally unnecessary. They might look like the cutest little things you’ve ever seen, but remember shoes are to protect your feet and babies can’t walk so shoes are not required.
  3. Baby bath units
    Laundry tubs, kitchen sinks, regular tubs with a $15 terry bath stand are all perfectly fine places to wash your baby.
  4. Breast pump
    I wouldn’t suggest buying a pump till you know you really truly need one. Many women don’t need it, and find they manage breastfeeding fine without it. If you do need a pump, why not hire one. We stock the hospital grade Medela Symphony for hire for just $24 per week.
  5. Nappy disposal system
    The cartridges are very expensive to replace and as long as you empty your bin once a day and flush any solids you shouldn’t have issues with nappies being in the bin for a few hours.
  6. Clothes that go over baby’s head
    Have you ever tried to put clothes on a newborn? Impossible. Its like trying to dress a marshmallow. Go for button down clothes for the first few months.
  7. Toys
    Babies don’t need loads of toys, their favorite toy will be you – just being with you, being cuddled by you and hearing your voice. If you want buy a couple of black and white toys – babies can’t see colour till about 4 months of age.
  8. Change table
    Just another bulky bit of furniture you don’t really need. If you have the space and want to spend the $, cool but its not a necessity.
  9. Cot bumper and doonas
    Those pretty coordinated bed packages in the Bubs R Us shops look gorgeous I know but both bumpers and doonas are no nos for little babies as both have been implicated in raising the risk of SIDS.
  10. Baby Butt Fan
    Yes there is such a thing, and no we don’t think its a necessity.