Can I use my carseat or baby capsule on an Airplane?

The short answer is – yes for the carseat; definately no for the capsule.

Child restraints that are not permitted for aircraft use are:
  • Baby Safety Capsule
  • any other type of Baby Carrier that requires the use of a base
  • Booster seats or Booster Cushions
  • Child Safety Harnesses (except CARES Aviation Harnesses – an air travel specific harness, please click the link for more info).

Some airlines that operate under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will accept child seats on their aircraft that are compliant with the Australian Standard. Currently we understand that the companies that do include Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Blue, and the regional airlines. These airlines should accept your restraint without question although some customers have reported that they have had to have the seat to be checked before the flight for fit the day before. The width of the child restraint may be more of a concern for smaller aircraft used in regional services such as Rex etc. It is best to always check with the airline some time before you’re due to fly.

CARES harness

Unlike seats made in America, Australian standard restraints do not have a sticker or indicator that says “Suitable for use in aircraft” as our standard does not have this requirement. Your Airline may look for this statement as it is accepted by the USA Federal Aviation Authority, however, all airlines should accept the CASA acceptance of Australian child restraints. Sometimes however, the staff onboard the aircraft are not aware of this so again its really worth the call before you fly to check.

Please note: The tether or upper anchorage strap does not need to be attached although Qantas do have dedicated seats where child restraints can be fitted and the tether or upper anchorage strap connected to straps fitted to the aircraft. This seat must be requested on booking.

You will need to book and pay for a seat to use your child restraint when flying and this can be arranged at the time of booking or through your travel agent.

Airlines do provide an additional strap for very young children and babies and that uses the parent’s seat belt and does not require an extra seating position so if you don’t wish to take your carseat with you this is always an option, or you can hire a CARES Harness for the trip.

Some airlines do provide child restraints for use in their aircraft. Again, we suggest you check with your travel agent or with the Airline at the time of booking.

Safe travels!