Bednest Cosleeper for hire Sydney


This amazing bassinette is perfect for co-sleeping as it attaches to your bed so you can tend to your baby quickly and easily.

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Enjoy the reassurance of the Bednest Safebridge

Unique to the Bednest, the SafeBridge framed side panel lowers onto your mattress to ensure there is no dangerous gap between the crib and your bed, meaning you can be confident when bringing your baby into your bed for feeding, care and comfort.

The mesh sides can be adjusted to fully up or down flat to suit a breastfeeding mother or a mother who is recovering from a Caesarian section. You can always see your baby, even when the sides are up.

The stand and basket fold flat for easy storage or travel.

The Bednest can also be used as an independent,stand-alone bassinet with both sides up if you do not wish to have baby right next to you.

The height adjustable frame can be set on an angle, which can really help babies who suffer from reflux.

The external dimensions of the Bednest are:
Length 860mm, width 475mm, height to top of baby’s mattress adjustable between 300mm and 660mm.

Like to see it in action?

This amazing Bednest bassinette is perfect for co-sleeping as it attaches to your bed so you can tend to your baby quickly and easily. The mesh sides can be positioned up fully or fully down to suit the situation, and at all times can you look at your baby. The Bednest can also be used in the baby’s own room with both sides up.

The Bednest stand is included and has over 70 settings including the ability to tilt to assist babies with reflux. Both the stand and the basket fold flat for storage or travel. Suits baby from newborn until he/she can pull him-/herself up to sitting.

The height of the Bednest is easily adjustable in seconds using our unique sliders – without the need for any tools, screws or bolts.

It may be used with beds where the top of the mattress is as low as 30cm / 12 inches and as high as 66cm / 26 inches from the floor. If your mattress is set within a frame, then the drop down side panel will act as a bridge up to 20cm / 8 inches between the Bednest and your mattress. Please contact us if you are unsure if the Bednest is suitable for your bed.

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