Correct Harness Height – Its a safety issue

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Correct Harness Height – Its a safety issue

It is important to ensure you are monitoring the ongoing use of your baby capsule or carseat. As your child grows in weight and height it is important to check your baby’s shoulder height in relation to the harness straps of their restraint and, where necessary, make the necessary adjustment to the height of the harness to keep your baby safe. It is really important to ensure that the harness straps are always at or above the shoulder in rearward facing mode as there is potential for significant crash loading to be put on the child’s spine as they ramp ‘up’ the seat in the initial crash phase.

Capsules and carseats have multiple shoulder strap slots so you can move the harness up as your baby grows.

In rearward facing restraints, you should use the slot that is level or slightly above your child’s shoulders. Do not use a slot if it is below your child’s shoulders.

In forward facing restraints, you should use the closest slot to your child’s shoulders, but not more than 25mm below your child’s shoulders.

Harness spreader plate

It is really important to ensure that the harness straps are always at or above the shoulder in rearward facing mode as there is potential for significant crash loading and to be put on the child’s spine as they ramp ‘up’ the seat in the initial crash phase resulting in serious spinal and other injuries.

To adjust the height of your harness, you will need to loosen the harness as much as possible and lay your restraint face down, so that the spreader / G plate becomes visible on the back of the seat. Simply unhook the ends of the harnesses from the spreader / G plate, and re-thread the straps through the appropriate slot for your child’s shoulder height. When you are finished, ensure that you’ve correctly re-attached the straps to the spreader / G plates.

A link to our instructional video demonstrating how to adjust your capsule harness is here and this makes it easy to do:

Some carseats and capsules have a feature that is built into the restraint which adjusts both the headrest and the harness simultaneously. With this feature, there is no need for rethreading or undoing the harness from the spreader / G plate at the back of the seat.

Still need some help with your carseat or capsule harness? Just give us a call on 1300 859 775 option 2 to speak to one of our accredited restraint fitters.

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Which is the lightest baby capsule for hire?

We are often asked which of our baby capsules for hire are the lightest in weight or the smallest in size so to make it nice and easy we’ve prepared a simple comparison table for you here. The table lists all our current capsules for rent and their weight and dimensions as well as their CREP (safety) rating where that rating is available.

Weight and size of our baby capsules for hire

Product Capsule weight (out of base) Product dimensions Pram compatibility 2nd base available for hire from Rockabye Baby Hire
Safety 1st One Safe Infant capsule 3.5 kgs H 440 mm x D 660 x W 430 Safety 1st, Maxi Cosi Yes
Babylove Snap’nGo Series BL620A/2010 3.8kgs H 405 mm x D 660 x  W 430 Babylove, Valco Yes
Chicco KeyFit Plus 79046 4.8 kgs H: 415mm x D: 710 x W 435 Chicco, Bugaboo, Baby Jogger, Mountain Buggy Yes
Arlo Baby capsule (with or without ISOFIX) 3.8 kgs H: 540 mm x D: 745 x W: 460 Arlo Stroller available for hire Yes
PegPerego Primo Viaggio PP01/2010 5 kgs H 430 mm x  D 720 x W 440 Peg Perego, Bugaboo, Baby Jogger, Phil & Teds, Mountain Buggy Yes
Maxi-Cosi MICO  AP (with or without ISOFIX) 3.9 kgs H 415  mm x  D 760 x W 430 Quinny, Maxi Cosi, Bugaboo (Mico only), Baby Jogger, Phil & Teds, Mamas & Papas, Icandy, Valco, Joolz, Jane Rider Yes

If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff either via email on or by telephoning 02 95894942.

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What are the benefits of a baby capsule?

Considering the wide range of baby capsules and carseats available for sale or hire can make it difficult to choose – do you go for a baby capsule or is a carseat a better option?

Although convertible carseats are just as safe as a baby capsule and you get more use out of them we’d suggest that a baby capsule has many benefits over a carseat that are worth considering before you make your final decision. Many parents find baby capsules a practical and easy alternative for the safe transport of their baby for the first 6 months or so.

We see many parents who come in and have a baby seat already installed in their car but have found that taking their baby in and out of the seat when they arrive at their destination often disturbs the baby’s sleep and unsettles them. Having a baby capsule means you can take your sleeping baby straight from the car without having to wake them to move them to the pram.

Of course, the most important reason to choose a baby capsule is to ensure the safety of your baby when travelling in the car. Baby capsules are suitable from newborn until six or twelve months depending on the product and the capsule you choose. They are engineered to cocoon your baby with their high side walls, ensuring your child is secured safely within the capsule using a five point harness that is easy to adjust.

All our capsules for hire carry the Australia and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1754 sticker so you can feel confident the capsule meets Australia and New Zealand standards. Likewise, it is also important to make sure your capsule is properly fitted to your vehicle to maximise the safety benefits and minimise the risk of serious injury or death in the event of an accident. That’s why we offer free professional installation with all of our hire baby capsules.

Another major benefit of hiring your baby capsule is the ability to move the capsule in and out of the car while the baby is safely tucked inside. A base is installed into your car that the capsule clicks into, so you can quickly and easily move a sleeping child in and out of the car without disturbing the baby or playing around with straps. Baby capsules are generally quite light and fitted with a handle for easy manoeuvring. You can also hire pram adaptors so that you can drop your hire baby capsule straight onto your pram with just one click giving you a great deal of flexibility and freedom.

This freedom to effortlessly move a sleeping baby is particularly precious in these first months together with your baby. So, here at Rock-A-Bye Baby Hire we have a range of compatible prams and adaptors for hire that our capsules for hire can click into, allowing you to move your sleeping baby from car to pram and back again without disturbing their sleep.

Click here for our baby capsules for hire in Sydney range.

Maxi Cosi AP

Click here to view our prams for hire in Sydney.

Our travel system (capsule and pram hire) range is here.

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Hire -v- Buy – What are the real savings?

What are the real savings on hire-v- buy?

When you’re newly pregnant and considering setting up your nursery, its natural to want to have the best of everything for your baby. But these days, with $2,000+ prams and $1,500 beds, purchasing all this brand new just doesn’t make sense. This is where we step in, enabling families to hire rather than buy their nursery equipment. Our motto is “Why buy when you can hire?” but what does that really mean? What are the average savings on hiring –v- buying? We’ve prepared a comparison table that contrasts the cost of hiring your nursery equipment –v- paying RRP, keeping in mind that these are all items that are only required for a limited period in your nursery.

*All hire costs are based on a 6 month hire except the breastpump in this table which we’ve estimated will be hired for 4 weeks.

All up, a couple who choose to hire just these few nursery items that are really only required for such a limited amount of time in your baby’s early days could save themselves over 80% of the retail cost of the very same items. Its quite a big saving and something to think about when doing your budgeting.

Hiring is also a good way to try products you’re not sure about, before you buy and are then stuck with them sitting collecting dust in the garage or waiting for the day you can get the camera out, take the pictures, then list it all on Ebay and hope you can recoup at least a bit of the outlay.

All of our baby equipment for hire is purchased brand new direct from the manufacturer or importer, every piece is carefully cleaned and safety checked before each hire and is regularly replaced to maintain our exacting standards. You’re not going to lose out on quality just because you hire – we have a large range of premium, luxury baby products from brands such as Leander, Bugaboo, Seed Organics, Baby Jogger, Maxi Cosi, 4Moms and many more.

Every member of our staff is a qualified and accredited Infant Restraint Fitter and we offer complimentary fitting of all hired infant restraints so that you can rest assured that your baby’s safety is our priority. All hire baby capsules come with free professional installation.

Hiring baby equipment is also great for holidays, whether for yourself or for relatives or friends who are coming to visit. It can greatly reduce stress, save you those exorbitant excess baggage fees (without even mentioning the potential for serious damage to your baby equipment when its in transit). Using our Sydney Airport Concierge Service means you can have everything ready and waiting in your hire car by the time you arrive.

Call us today on 9589 4942 for a quote on your nursery needs – we can create a discounted package deal to suit any family or email through your wish list to Danni at

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